January 2017

Welcome to the first challenge of 2017. This month we have a bit intriguing color scheme - it´s really cool to see how the team has totally different ways to tackle the colors - you will be loving this - we are sure!!!

The Challenge

The Rules

To participate you need to do your interpretation of our challenge and upload a direct link to your project with the help of our Linkytool. The interpretations are free in form (layout, card, art journal, album, canvas) but you need to follow the outlines of the challenge. Each month we will chose a couple of projects that will be highlighted in a special post.

Deadline to upload is February 15 (CET +1)

The Sponsor

Scrapbooking paper inspired by romantic vintage design.

We create innovative, high quality and well designed paper for scrapbooking and crafts. Our unique patterned paper are all inspired by romantic vintage style. We hope our beloved designs will inspire you to create great joyful creations.

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Maja Design give one winner this 12x12 Collection kit 

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Creative Team Projects

Process video from Tusia!

Please upload your entry by using the linkytool in the right sidebar! We really look forward to your creations!


Creative Guest Riikka Kovasin

It is the last day of 2016 and this month we have invited the talented and ever so nice Riikka Kovasin to be our Creative Guest. 

Creative Guest Facts

Hi there! My name is Riikka Kovasin and I'm honored to be guesting here Words and Paintery! Thank you for asking me to guest again, Marie!

I've been doing all sorts of crafts my whole life - cards, knits, dollhouses, whatever I fancied at the time. When my first born was about 6 months old I discovered scrapbooking and have been doing pages ever since. That was back in 2009 so I've been doing layouts for more than 7 years now. Time does fly! 

I got intrigued with mixed media when I first discovered gesso about six years ago. First the gesso appeared only as splashes in my pages but when I realized "it's only paper" I started to use mixed media touches more and more in my layouts. One thing let to another and nowadays I'm doing all sorts of projects, not just layouts and cards. 

I create layouts to preserve memories and happenings, they work as a form of dairy or letters to my daughters. The canvases I make just to have fun, to make something, to ponder current things, to let out steam. I absolutely adore getting my hands into paints and mists! To me the process of creating is equally important than the finished project! 

The Project

I was intrigued by the wintery, almost white color palette but what really sparked the idea was the phrase underneath. What a splendid advice! Fear is something that often holds us back so it's time to take a risk every now and then if you want to succeed. 

The phrase led me to another one I've been seeing lately around - "what if I fall - but what if you fly" one. And as I happened to have a set with those wings at hand I decided to do a winged brush symbolizing how making mixed media projects works as a way to escape, to try my wings. 

Thank you Riikka for doing us the honor of being our Guest this month! Please submit your project for the Challenge before January 15.