Creative Team

Marie Johansson

My name is Marie Johansson and I live in the north of Sweden with my partner and our two children (Max, 10 and Alice, 6 years old).

My “style” is colourful and playful. I often use a lot of papers and embellishments. I try to have the photo in focus, and to reflect the feeling of the photo in the layout. I love playing around with different mediums like paint and gesso, and I believe every layout needs a bit of black colored stamping on it. Over the years I think my way of creating has developed from “pure” scrapbooking to become more Mixed Media Scrapbooking. If I would call my style something – well maybe Playful Punk Chic? (if i do a romantic layout, I can´t help giving it a playful twist…).

You are all welcome to visit my blog or follow my fed on Instagram (as @misonmarie).

Anna Wiśniewska

My name is Anna Wiśniewska - Wiosanka. I live with my family in Poland, in a small village near the Baltic Sea.

My scrapbooking passion is creating mixed - media layouts (the most with pictures of my two sons), but I am also addicted to making albums and frames for pictures.

Some time ago I dicovered the opportunities hidden in canvas and now I often make canvas with pictures, and I do this with a great pleasure :-) I like to play with colours very much - my projects are full of colours, a little messy, always splashed with lots of different media.

I’m absolutely thrilled and excited to be part of Words & Paintery Creative Team!

Karine Gagnon

My name is Karine Gagnon, I’m 35 years old and I am a french teacher in high school here in Quebec city. I’m the happy partner of a man since 19 years and the mother of two wonderful children: Marianne who is almost five, and Antoine, who’ll turn two in december. They are the stars of my scrapbooking pages because I’m an enthusiast photographer! I discovered scrapbooking about ten years ago, when my boyfriend came home with a magazine, telling me that he thought of me when he saw it. If only he’d knew the monster he created! I’m passionated about that wonderful hobby since then. My style is pretty versatile, but I tend to go for a shabby chic layout (I just can’t resist flowers) with a mixed media background. Since I discovered mixed media, I just can’t do a page without altering it! Playing with all those mediums is my favorite part in the scrapbooking process. I’m so happy to be a part of this adventure and I hope that my passion for this art will show in what I’ll show you on the blog!

I’m part of Scrapzone’s design team (my nickname on the forum is mes10doigts):

Tusia Lech

I love all kinds of media – if I would have to define my style, I would say that media are the only constant thing. My favourite colours are fresh, bold greens, blues and pinks, but at the same time I just love delicate, pale hues of beige, rose and white. However there is something in my projects, what can be found always – a positive, feminine style.

Scrapbooking fills my whole life – it is all around me – in my private life and in my job career. I love the process of creation – I have created things since early childhood – all kinds of handmade things always attracted me. I cannot imagine my life without making some art. Even if I leave for a weekend, I always take my small “art-bag”, filled with art-journal supplies. 

I am lucky enough to be a designer in a few very creative places. I love drinking coffee, reading books, walking through the forest, watching flowers on the meadow, basking in the autumn sun and being deep in my inner world. I can say that I am happy person and wouldn’t change a single thing in my life.


Anna Kava

My name is Anna, ‘KAVA Craft’ on the web. I’m happily married and have two lovely daughters. Recently we moved to Montreal (Canada) from Europe, where I lived for many years in France, Ukraine, Germany and Russia. I can speak four languages and can’t imagine my life without travelling.

I have started my paper crafting journey three years ago from cardmaking. But soon enough I understood that I need more freedom and space to express myself J So I discovered the layouts, canvases and a lot of other opportunities of self-expression. My styles are Mixed Media and Steampunk/Industrial. And of course with a lot of texture and dimension, I feel myself free with paints on my hands...

I’m so excited to join a Words & Paintery Creative team!
Feel free to visit my blog –

Kripa Koushik

Originally from India, we moved to Australia 8years ago. I'm currently on a break from work to spend more time with my boys (2 & 5yr) . My scrapbooking journey started when my younger son was born. My style is still evolving but I can confidently say I love, mixed media - gesso, texture paste, paints, lace - love it all.

Sandra Bernard

Hello, my name is Sandra and I come from the French-speaking province of Canada, Quebec. I am 40 years old and I am a mother of two magnificent 11 and 15-year-old girls. They are my main subjects of my creations. I make of the scrapbooking from now on approximately 11 years. I adore textures and to play with my mediums on my backgrounds. 
I run on the challenges, then I am certain that I am going to like in this team which I thank for welcoming with so much enjoyment. 
By hoping you inspire ...

Michaela Svatošová

Hi, my name is Michaela, but I have a nickname MS Design. I live in heart of Europe, in Prague- Czech republic. I live with my boyfriend and our dog named Lajka. I am in love at scrapbooking and cardmaking for the past 5 years. I love doing my own background, pink colour, flowers and butterflies on my cards. It´s a great honor for me, to being part of this amazing team. So I hope, you will like my cards and that it will be a little inspiration for you.

Elena Matreshik

I am Elena. I am 28 y.o. I live in Moscow with my husband and son Maximilian.
Scrapbooking appeared in my life 5 years ago while preparing for my wedding.

Since then different styles, techniques have been tried. And now my heart beats so enormously creating ART of mixed media! 

Scrapbboking is not just a hobby! It's a way of life when all your thoughts are about colours, textures, shining.

Aga Baraniak

My name is Aga Baraniak and I am a 34 year old girl from Poland,

       Europe. I'm totally mad about mixed media and am in love with art journals. 
I love to create mixed media projects such as layouts, ATCs and canvases. 
I love good coffee and cycling and I like to take challenges in my life. I am 
a happy wife and mother who develops her hobby in her free time.

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Annie Samson-Peper
Annie Samson - Peper

My name is Annie, I am almost 40 and I share my life with my amazing man for the last 13 years. I have one beautiful daugther that is the main subjet of almost all my layout. I work as an underwriter in collective insurance. Srapbooking for me is a way of life ! I need this messy and creative time to balance my life. I love to experiment new techniques et I sure love to be challenged ! I love flowers, texture and chipboards... I am verry excited and happy to be part of this beautiful team !

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Torsa Saha

I am a software engineer by profession, but Art is my passion, my dream and something I breathe for. I have studied fine arts (Oil painting, Acrylic and Charcoal) for almost 20 years!! I have started my Mixed Media Journey last year ! I love colors!! I need almost 10 different shades of every color!! My favorite color is Teal and blue!! Nowadays my new love is stamps!!
My another love is art journaling and always try to depict a story through my creation!! 
I am addicted to Coffee!!  I love to spend hours at my studio with my coffee.
I live in Maryland, USA with my husband and 8 years old daughter!! My family is my backbone

Hina Mirza

My name is Hina. I live in United Kingdom with my Husband and my son(5 yr). Basically we're from India. I did my Masters in IT, but by heart I have always been a passionate artist/crafter, working in mixed media, scrapbooking and altered art projects. I also work as a clay artist and specialise in doing some intricate personalised clay art. I am always keen to explore new techniques and love colors and textures. Junk and natural elements is another thing that fascinates me. Inspiration for me can come from anything, anywhere.. it is a blessing that gives wings of imagination and sets me free to create.

Working as a creative member is going to be amazing I am sure. There will be lot to learn, lot to share and lots of inspiration!!

Lanette Erickson

My name is Lanette Erickson I live in southeastern Michigan with my husband two sassy daughters and one crazy doberman. I’m an ex-banker turned stay at home mommy and one crazy crafter. I have always been a crafty person, but my love of scrapbooking began a little over 13 years ago. Over the years my passion has evolved from pure paper to more of a mixed media affair. I truly love all mediums and I am happiest when my hands are messy, I love to experiment with new products and try new techniques.

I’m not sure I have a scrappy style, I always try to showcase the picture I a scrapping. But If I had to define it I would say Romantic and playful.

I am super excited to be part of the Words & Paintery Creative Team! I hope that I my art will help inspire you to get your hands messy and create something you love!

Taru Jehkonen

Hi everyone! My name is Taru! I´m so excited to be part of the Words & Paintery Creative team! I live in Rauma, Finland with my sons Sami and Niko. I´m retired about 12 years now. I love cats. I have four sweet cats and they ventured on my scrapbook page often. I saw how my friend made cards on spring 2007. Inspirited by her I began make my own cards with 3D images. But then I found stamps and it was BIG LOVE right away! Then I found scrapbooking, mixed media and art journal. I love take photos – I was always take a lot of photo on my life. I love little bit crazy, funny and silly photos!

On my works I really love bold colors, shapes, layers, stamps, stencil and dimension. I love use different mediums, but I also love make like “clean and simple”! Just like what mood I have when I crafting.

Would you come with us playing with our challenge?? I really love to see your art. I hope that we meet together on social media!


I'm a Human Resource professional and have been working all through and been crafting as well. Recently I took a break and have dedicated my time to my passion for creating. I'm married and have a teenage son...its a small family. I have been into fine arts and painting having learnt Indian traditional art like Tanjore and Mysore paintings which is totally on gold foil and usually we depict Gods in these kind of paintings. I have been making paper crafts like cards/albums/gift boxes/ scrapbook layouts/ mixed media/altered art/journals/ decoupage......and so on. So art is something which has been in me from the beginning and also a great stress buster in my life. I love to play with colours and paper.....create something which gives happiness. Apart from crafting Music is something I love, Travel too.

I want to be a part of this great team who are a par with their own creativeness. I love to work on new styles and comfortably carry variations in work. Its a great learning to be among such beautiful souls who bring joy to our lives by their work. I have learnt the same way too. Hope my work brings an opportunity to learn and create more with you all.

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Vicktoriya Porechnaya

My name is Viktoriya Porechnaya I live in Kyiv, Ukraine with my family - my husband, two daughters-students and my lovely white cat. I don't have a craft room, I have a craft home with fabric, laces, papers, stencils, mists etc!

I love colors and paints  as paper crafting  too. I discovered mixed media some years ago and it is always in my mind! Every time I try to make something different and learn something new. More textures, more layers, more details and more creativity, of course!

I'm so excited to be a part of Words &Paintery now and be together with the best artists of world!

Martina Stoycheva

My name is Martina Stoycheva and I`m 35 years old. A happy wife and mother.
I live in Burgas, small town in Bulgaria.

I started my scrapbooking journey in 2015 making albums. Then suddenly end of last year I was bored. Decided that I want to make something more creative, individual, different.

I found mixed media cards….and then everything else came along.
I love love love mixed media and all the freedom that it gives when you crate.

This time I think I found my real passion!

Wishing all of you endless inspiration!