Celebrate with Us & Creative Guest Louise

This month we have one of my (Marie) personal favourite crafters all time as our Creative Guest - Welcome Louise Nelson!

Hello Hello

First I would like to say a huge thank you to Marie and the Words & Paintery team for inviting me to participate in the anniversary of this fabulous challenge blog. Because this is a special event I wanted to help celebrate by sharing with you, a new to me, way of using texture paste and mica powder to create an interesting and dimensional layout background. I do hope you like it.


I started with a 1.8mm chipboard background that had been spray painted with spray gesso, I then adhered a resin frame [also spray painted with spray gesso] to the background.

Using a palette knife apply a layer of black sand texture paste about 2 inches wide all around the resin frame. 

Then at the edges of the sand texture paste apply another layer of texture crackle paste.

Coat the entire layout with a coat of spray gesso.

When background is dry apply 3-4 sprays of dark mist [vintage coal] and then apply some misted water to make the mist spread out as pictured above.

Then mop up the mist/water using wet ones. Allow the mist to remain in the depressions created in the sand texture paste, Dry with heat tool.

This is what it should look like after moping up excess mist and water. The aim of having these darker areas is to help create visual depth with darker and lighter shades areas of pink when applying the mica powder in next step.

Apply Mica powder liberally using a soft bristle paint brush. Apply to the resin frame, and textured areas created by the sand and crackle texture paste

Shake and brush off excess mica powder. Then using a baby wipe brush back [polish] the mica powder until it remains only in the cracks and depressions of the sand texture.
This is what it will look like after above stage. Allow to dry.

Apply a liberal spray of orange mist to the centre and over the resin frame.

Add extra splats of orange mist around the resin frame. Dry off with a heat tool.

Form a large set of wire loops [wire thread] in varying sizes. To colour these put some mist on a craft mat and smooch the wire loops around in the mist until the wire loops are completely colored. Dry off with a heat tool. Arrange the wire loops to suit design of layout. Adhere to the layout background using strong clear drying glue.

Adhere embellishments [wire flowers painted with gesso] using strong glue. Adhere gems to centres of metal flowers.

Colour the metal flowers to coordinate with layout background using orange mist.

To adhere the gold micro beads I use a mix of glossy accents and water to the consistency of runny honey. I then splat this on and around the embellishments. 

Sprinkle on the gold micro beads and shake off excess.

Add touches of pink mist to the metal flower petal tips using a paint brush. Dry off with heat tool.

Crop the photo to fit in the inside of the resin frame. Adhere inside the resin frame using double sided adhesive foam dots.

To soften the edges of the photo and coordinate it with the background I apply small daubs of glossy accent on the photo around the edges of the resin frame, then apply some of the left over gold micro beads.

The final touch is to apply a darker pink mist to the wire thread and flower gems to add visual interest and depth.

Thank you Louise for taking us trough your creative process! Please come back the day after tomorrow for another tutorial!


  1. Wow, Louise, this is amazing! what a stunning layout! I loved your tutorial. I am so glad to finally see how you create your, always beautiful and inspiring, layouts. Thank you for sharing! And thank you for being our guest designer this month.

  2. Hi Louise. Wow. Amazing layout and great tutorial. I love it. I'm so happy that you are our guest designer this month. Hugs// Lena

  3. Super awesome. That is a LOT of work, looks amazing, too....GORGEOUS!!!

    1. Oooh thank you so very much Lizzy :) xx

  4. Lots of crackly beaded goodness!! LOVE IT!

  5. Omg so super stunning...as always I am in love with your work...thank you for sharing this awesome tutorial with us...

    1. Oooh Nupur thank you so very much!!!! You humble me! Your creativity is without question absolutely stunning!!! I am truly a fan! xox

  6. Wow! Wow! 10 out of 10! I love your work! Maybe one day I can do half of what you are doing -- totally inspirational in all ways!

    1. Ooh thank you so very much Shannon xxx

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  8. Absolutely amazing and a fantastic tutorial!!

  9. Absolutely INCREDIBLY FABULOUS artwork. Wow. It's just stunning. Thanks bunches for the wonderful tutorial too. WOW. I'm awed. j.

  10. This is fantastic. So unusual, and beautifully highlights the most important part - the photo. I'm just in awe...