Celebrate with Us & Denisa Gryczova

Today you´re going to wittness the pure madness and chaos. This is what it looks like in my head and on my working table when doing an art journaling. This time I ruined just my t shirt. No time for being carefull about my clothes. Never mind. It wasn´t my fave. 

I love to use real vintage images. Making up stories for the people captured on the photo is the essential part of the process. This time I went for a pic of five young ladies. Not the kind of perfect, slim and beautiful ones but normal pretty girls as we all are. This was the starting point. 

Then I had to use the given colour scheme by Words and Paintery October Challenge. Gold, orange and pink. Not the one I feel comfortable at but it worked for me well. I might it use more often. 

So, let´s get started. I painted my aj pages with white gesso and dried it with a heat gun. I sticked some of my stickers (not the one I´m into) on the page and covered it once again with a thin layer of white gesso. After it had dried I applied a thick uneven layer of white gesso and dried it very closely to the paper with my heat gun again. This step creates super bubbled background. 

I decided to add more texture by applying an embossing paste over my fave stencil. I dried it. Now I started adding colours. Just having fun not being systematic. I did some random stamping with archival inks. 

 My intention was to create anything but a romantic feel. This is why I chose some old clock parts, tea bags, buttons, a wire, a piece of torn cloth, metal trinkets and a washi tape as embellies. I started to build the cluster. You can see it in the photos. Nothing complicated. 

As a final touch I coloured the ladies´ cheeks light orange, painted the photo edges gold and added the quote saying: They were made of sarcasm, wine and everything fine. And it´s done! 

Happy creating my friends!