Decembers Creative Guest

We are thrilled to have the sweet DeeDee Catron as out Creative Guest this month!

I am …
An artist.
An instructor.
A designer.
An innovator.
A lover of color and bold patterns.

Creative Guest Facts

I created UmWowStudio as a way to market myself and record all I do, from the paper crafting and memory saving I do to the fine art works and product designing. Not to mention some of the experimenting I seem to find myself engaged in frequently. I thought of it as a studio for me to express myself brought by a rich background full of designing, laughing, witnessing, innovating, crafting, experiencing, breathing, playing, living every moment, and most of all loving. It has now grown to be its own entity and forced me to start my own personal blog and site. Welcome.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design. I also have a passion for paper crafting and fine arts. I absolutely adore combining all in this wonderful world of Mixed Media.

The Project

Thank you for this wonderful inspiration DeeDee! 

Don´t forget to submit your entry for the December Challenge. You have until January 15 to participate!

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