February Creative Guest Athanasia

We are really happy to introduce Athanasia Papantoniou as our Creative Guest this month! You probably have seen her projects around internet and we are so thrilled to have her with us!

Creative Guest Facts

Thank you very much for the invitation, I'm very happy to be here today!

My name is Athanasia which means in Greek Immortality.  As a musician I love all kinds of arts. When I am not playing the piano, I find myself making handicrafts, altering things & of course scrapbooking!
I like scrapbooking because it combines such a vast range of media types, not only with memories of my life & my family, but also with emotions & ideas that I have in my head & want desperately to express!!
I get inspiration from almost everything like colors, nature, flavors and smells and of course my music.
On my projects you can find always a lot of colors and differed media like sprays, powders, acrylics, watercolors, mediums, gesso,  everything that comes in my hands! I love the limitless choices & combinations of mixed media techniques and I like vintage look as much as modern, that depends on the mood...

my instagram profile: Athanasia Papantoniou -  http://instagram.com/athanasiapapantoniou/  

The Project

Thank you Athanasia for you lovely project! 

We this inspired you to enter your interpretation of the February Challenge!


  1. Very gorgeous! I love the deep colors, the crackle background, just amazing and so very creative! Thank you for being our creative guest this month!

  2. Speechless! Love it! Stunning job as always!

  3. Thank you ladies for having me here today! I love your color pallet <3

  4. Stunning project Athanasia! I love the crackling textures and beautiful colors :)