Creative Winner - Mandy Leever-Koel

Mandy was our winner in March with this wonderful project and we are so thrilled that she accepted to be our guest this month.

Creative Winner Facts

Hi everyone! It was an honor to win the March challenge and even more so to be featured here now! I'm Mandy Leever-Koel, 38 years old, married almost 11 years to my husband Pascal with whom I've been together for 20 years already. We live in the Netherlands.

We have a 3 year old son named Connor and I love being this bright, curious and naughty boy's mom.
I work part time as a dental technician, a very creative profession. I make and bake crowns and bridges. 

Creativity has always been part of my family's life. My dad is a dental technician as well who loves to fix up furniture, and my mom painted furniture, taught courses in doll making and flower arranging amongst other things. I started out by making jewellery. 

When my mother was about to turn 50 in 2004, I decided to make a scrapbook for her, about her life. (I read about scrapping somewhere and it seemed like fun!)

She loved the finished album I gave her as a present for her 50th birthday. Ironically enough, she passed away 2 years later. Who knew her life's scrapbook would end so soon :'(
Through the years I had periods in which I scrapped a lot and there were times I didn't scrap at all. Hoarding scrap supplies hardly ever halted though ;)

Since our son has been born, taking pictures of him has become a big hobby. Those new pictures can really inspire me to scrap a page!

Since the beginning of this year one of my scrap dreams has come true, when I became a Canvas Corp Brands Crew Member! Glimmermists are still one of my first scrapbook loves. They work great with the mixed media style I have come to love and try to experiment with more and more. 
Scrapping relaxes me but it's sort of a therapy too. I scrap both happy and sad times. Whatever I feel like telling.

If you want to know more about "Less is Bore!", you can find me here:

Bye bye! Happy scrapping! 

The Project


  1. Thank you for the feature! Hope everyone likes my take on the challenge. Loved the color scheme!

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  3. Biggest congratulations to Mandy, what a fabulous project!!!

  4. Congrats Mandy, your project is gorgeous as always. Xxxx

  5. Thank you Emma! I do a lot of non-gorgeous projects as well ;)

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  7. Congrats and you layout is gorgeous. Take care