Creative Winner Svetlana Lipnitskaya

Today we welcome Svetlana to the blog. She was one of the winners from our October Challenge with this fantastic project.

Creative Winner Facts

Hello! My name is Svetlana Lipnitskaya! I live in Belarus, in the city of Minsk. Married, and I have the most intelligent cat in the world - Marsik. Scrapbooking in my life since 2013, but has actively started working since 2015. I like many styles, techniques and directions. Despite my other hobbies, my love number one is Miksedmedia. In this direction, I rest and enjoy. I love to learn and teach others! Today I still remain an extremely versatile person in scrap, I like different styles and still want to try a lot. 

The Project


  1. Как здорово! Люблю наблюдать за твоими проектами!

  2. Как всегда, оригинальная штучка!

  3. Вот это фантазия! Оригинально)