Creative Guest Nupur Patel

 We have a slightly different project for the Words & Paintery blog tos how you today! This months Creative Guest is a true wizzard when it comes to creating planner and travelers journal spreads. Say hi to Nupur Patel.

Listen to your own voice, your own soul, dance to its beat, sing to its rhythm. Stay strong, stand up tall make yourself heard. BE THE VOICE, NOT AN ECHO be the instrument to your song! Live this moment Dream on, HELLO!

The striking colour scheme helps keep message the focal point. 

The beautiful empheras with the touch of glitter strives one to reach for the gold. Motivates one to not blindly follow the crowd instead be the voice and lead. 

A closer view In love with the beautiful shaker , reminding you nothing is constant but CHANGE.


Variety is the spice in life, choose your path and lead. Don't be the echo. Walk through the cold and the dark, the light awaits at the end of the tunnel.

The awesomest quote in the January Challenge "be a voice, not an echo" caught my attention and inspired me to create the dashboard for January and begin the journey with it. The striking colour scheme - cold yet loud, tricked me. Hence I decided to use it in and around the sayings in my dashboard, i.e. the words, the frames, the elements, everything revolves around the message. ( that colour scheme complimented with keeping the message as the focal point) One of the most creatively intriguing and amazing challenge indeed

I did like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to Ms Marie and the amazing Words and Paintery for having me as a Guest Designer, truly feeling honoured. Thank yo

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