Creative Winner - Anu Riikka Lampinen

Anu-Riikka was one of our winners in January. .

Creative Winner Facts

I am Anu-Riikka Lampinen and I live in Finland. I have been drawing whole my life. It is my way to breath and relax. I found art journaling 2010 and after that it has been my thing. I am also mum of two kids and I teach children with special needs during the day time. So it is some times hard to find the time to craft or draw – but still I do something in each and everyday. I love layers and mixedmedia and painting. I hope I will be able to do art more. You are welcome to visit my blog Aromaattista arkea askarrellen http://askaskarruspaskarrus.blogspot.fi/ and you find me at Instagram RINUAAKKA_.

The project

Here is my project. Reseptit I have been practising handcarving and working with linoprints. I like mixedmedia So I pull all stuff together. Here I used linoprinting with the bear, watercolor on backround and made the crown out Off gelprint.

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