This blog was created as an inspiration source for us who loves Mixed Media Scrapbooking. Our mission is to give all of you a way of evolving your creativity though participating in our monthly challenges. We want you to step out of your comfort zone and consider this to be an adventure.

What can you expect from us then?
Our Creative Team will bring a new challenge each month that combines words(quote, book text, lyrics from a song for example) and a color scheme.

"I´m so excited about this new adventure! As many of you know, I´m a big fan of mixed media scrapbooking, and looove to get messy when I create. I have felt that there has been a lack of challenges that ONLY focus on our type of scrapbooking, and that is the reason to why I created Words & Paintery." 

Marie Johansson 
Founder of Words & Paintery