January Creative Guest - Miranda Edney

We are so thrilled to have the super talented and sweet Miranda Edney as our Creative Guest this month! Miranda makes the most stunning projects and has inspired us greatly trough the years!

Creative Guest Facts

Hello everyone, I am Miranda Edney (Msliberty25 on YT), and I am so honored
to be a guest this month. Thank you Marie for the invitation to jump in and spread my wings. 

Altered art is my passion! And has been for about 6 years now! I started out just with mini albums and normal scrapbooking, and then started finding which direction
my heart wanted to go in. Definitely in the altered/assemblage realm with lots 
of mixed media too! But I try to dabble in everything.

Creating is so important to me, but so is teaching and sharing my passion with others! I want everyone to feel the release I do when i am creating and in that zone! Few things compare! 

My social media:

The Project

This months board was very special, the quote really was PERFECT for me in so many ways! I just recently had my very first trip on an airplane to Phoenix, AZ to teach at Art Venture and attend CHA. I have ALWAYS been terrified to fly, but I decided I had to let go. I had never taught SO MANY students and was terrified at first. Feeling like a small fish in a big pond. But it was a great experience and I feel like I grew as a person.

As well, after 8 years with my honey, we have hit a rough spot. As couples do from time to time, and we have had a sort of bonding experience with me leaving , so our love grew stronger as well. 

Now that I shared all that personal business , Lol. Lets get to the projects. 
Since the quote focused on "love", I Immediately thought about what I had that represented love in my stash to alter. I came out with a perfume bottle and old hairbrush to alter. It just
reminded me of when you are first getting ready to meet your date or getting ready to go out with your husband of 40 years , we spend that time to pretty ourselves up using such items. Well, most of the time lol!!! 

Each item on the bottle and brush have little symbolic meanings for me and my journey in the last few months. Trials and experiences. Growth. Letting go of fears. Even the colors scared me at first! It's all about letting go and just believing in yourself! 

I hope you will get a bit of inspiration, and thank you so much for looking.



  1. Lovely projects Miranda! I can relate to those rough spots after being with my husband for 21 years already ;)
    "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" as they say.
    Great altered items, with great textures.

    1. Thank you so much Mandy! And thanks for sharing that I'm not alone in those rough spots! Absence definitely made the heart fonder in this case, and i am so grateful! Thanks for the love <3

  2. Fabulous work - and congrats on conquering some of your fears!

    1. Thank you oh so much Heather!!!!!!!
      I'm an introvert and a scaredy cat LOL!!!!
      So it took some deep breathing and stressful times, but I am SO GLAD i went!
      I took so much home with me , lessons and experiences! Thanks for looking and taking the time to reply! xo

  3. Your work is always STUNNING !! <3

  4. Congrats my Dear!!! xoxo