February 2017

This month we bring you a set of sweet spring colors & a quote that should fit for any crafter out there! We could never imagine that our team would have a really hard time creating with these - but what came out of it - well they tackled the challenge with grace!!

The Sponsor


IndigoBlu was launched on 1 May 2011 after Alfie had been made redundant for the third time!!
A friend recommended they borrow an old stamp making machine that was gathering dust and make a go of it. With just enough money for one roll of rubber, Alfie began creating stamps from Kay's designs in his Mum & Dad's shed. Kay's 18 years in the industry coupled with her design and photographic experience led her to create the very distinctive Quintessentially English range of rubber stamps. Kay and Alfie quickly decided that they wanted to make high quality, deeply etched, detailed designs hence all of the IndigoBlu range of stamps are made from red rubber. The first stamps were sold in June 2011 with their first website promoting the products launched soon after.

IndigoBlu give the winner of the February Challenge a Gift Certificate valued to $30!

Creative Team Projects

And a process video from Karine:

Please upload your entry by using the linkytool in the right sidebar! We really look forward to your creations!


  1. GORGEOUS works ladies, I am in awe...such beautiful projects.... Loved the video Karine!!Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful projects and great inspiration ladies!! Love it !! 😍😍

  3. Amazing work and very tempting challenge! If I can find the time, I'd love to join in!

  4. Ooh such gorgeous colours to play with, I can't wait to start.
    Love all the inspiration you all have made for the challenge.

  5. Beautiful work! The colours are so lovely and projects so beautiful. I loved watching Karine's video... it was like magic happening before my eyes!