June Creative Guest - Christin Gronslett

The lady that we have invited as out Crative Guest this month is a long time friend of me (Marie). We have shared table on many big crops, chatted, shared products and had a blast most of the time. Foremost this lady has a style that is light and colorful with a million little details to draw your eye to the projects. Welcome Christin!

Creative Guest Facts

Hello ! My name is Christin Gr√łnnslett. I am 43 years old and I live in Norway with husband and two kids (9 and 7) . I have been scrapbooking since 2002, but it wasn’t until 2009 after my daughter was born that I started scrapbooking on a daily basis. I started out with very clean and simple style, I really wanted to use lots of flowers and lots of stuff on my layouts, but all those flowers that I bought just never made it to my pages… I still use cardstock as my base and in a way I have stayed true to my style. Practice have made me bolder with color and I add more layers of paper and now also more layers of mixed media. Even though I am considered a mixed media scrapper I actually don’t like things getting too messy - that is whyy I NEVER use the spray on my mists. I am all about controlled mixed media and all though I can’t always control the paint when I drop in onto my cardstock, there is not so much mess to clean up and I can keep my desk messy with lots of stuff instead. 

My passion lies in 12x12 layouts and I love to find the color products to match and enhance the photos I want and the materials I have at hand. Another thing about my style is that you will almost never see me fill an entire page; I need my white space, and that is why I use wither white cardstock or watercolor paper. Words that have been used to describe my style are: artsy, whimsical, fresh and colorful. I don’t consider myself an artist, I am just one of those girls who likes to play with both color products and paper. I don’t like doing art journaling - for me that has absolutely no purpose, and the same reason why you don't see many home decor projects on my Instagram account.

Here are places you can find me:

The Project

Thank you for joining us this month!

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